Prada Tessuto Pochette



Material Black nylon
Condition Excellent


Prada is an italian luxury fashion house founded in 1913 as Fratelli Prada by Mario and Martino Prada. It started as a shop selling animal goods and imported trunks and handbags from England. Only after Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia inherited the company in 1978, did the company begin to develop into the fashion icon it is today. Miuccia released her first backpacks and totes made from a black military grade nylon in 1979. 

Today Prada is one of the best known luxury brands. In 2020 it announced Raf Simons as their new co-creative director. In the same year Prada released a collaborative sneaker with adidas. Pradas probably most noted bags are the Galleria Saffiano leather bag as well as the whole range of its nylon products.


I be rockin’ Prada like a devil in this b*tch

– Meek Mill